A California movement to transform the system of care

                       - age with dignity, choice and independence  



  • Linda Trowbridge, Committee Co-Chair, Center for Elders' Independence (www.cei.elders.org)
  • Bob Edmondson, Committee Co-Chair, On Lok Lifeways (www.onlok.org)
  • Lori Andersen, Health Trust (www.healthtrust.org)
  • Alberto Ortega Hinojosa, Dianna Garrett, Angelin Barrios, Center for Elders' Independence (www.cei.elders.org)
  • Joanne Handy, Jan Guiliano, LeadingAge California (www.aging.org)
  • Anne Hinton, San Francisco Department of Aging and Adult Services (www.sfgov.org/daas)
  • Marie Jobling, Community Living Campaign (www.sfcommunityliving.org)
  • Eileen Kunz, Jenny O'Toole, Katherine Kelly, On Lok Lifeways (www.onlok.org)
  • Wendy Peterson, Senior Services Coalition of Alameda County (www.seniorservicescoalition.org)
  • Viola Lujan, La Clinica de La Raza (www.laclinica.org)
  • Ancel Romero, American Baptist Homes of the West (www.abhow.com)
  • Karen Grimsich, City of Fremont Aging and Family Services (www.fremont.gov/index.aspx?NID=217)
  • Lisa Mancini, San Mateo County Aging and Adult Services (www.smchealth.org/aas)



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