A California movement to transform the system of care

                       - age with dignity, choice and independence  




Bob Edmondson, Committee Co-Chair, On Lok Lifeways (www.onlok.org)

Peter Szutu, Committee Co-Chair, Center for Elders' Independence (www.cei.elders.org)

Lori Andersen, Health Trust (www.healthtrust.org)

Jerry Brown, Bethany Center (www.bethanycenter.org)

Laurie Earp, Earp Events & Fundraising (www.earpevents.com)

Greg Garrett, Dianna Garrett, Center for Elders' Independence (www.cei.elders.org)

Joanne Handy, Aging Services of California (www.aging.org)

Anne Hinton, San Francisco Department of Aging and Adult Services (www.sfgov.org/daas)

Marie Jobling, Community Living Campaign (www.sfcommunityliving.org)

Eileen Kunz, Nancy Ko, Ian McCuaig, Vedita Bipat, On Lok Lifeways (www.onlok.org)

Wendy Peterson, Senior Services Coalition of Alameda County (www.seniorservicescoalition.org)

Susan Poor, NCB Capital Impact and Village to Village Network(www.ncbcapitalimpact.org)

Valorie Villela, 30th Street Senior Center/On Lok (www.onlok.org/30thsite)


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